Real Estate- Services

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Real Estate- Services

HiSpeed Properties offers the discerning buyer and seller choices that have not been freely available from other traditional estate agencies.

“Our clients are unique and special and deserve a delightful experience.”

We focus on providing you with a professional personal service based on your individual needs and requirements. When selling property we provide a Premium full turnkey service or provide parts of that service that you decide are necessary to successfully sell your property. Unbundling services is unheard of in this industry and as a leader, we realise our clients prefer to have options that include DIY or Part DIY property selling.  However, if this is not done properly it can result in legal issues, financial loss, worry and sleepless nights. As experts we know the pitfalls and can successfully negotiate around them and at the same time save you the hassle.

As  you deserve the best service we can offer , therefore we don’t just follow the rest of the industry and merely list your property on a computer system managed by no one and shared by many. Our service level agreement guarantees our performance. Therefore focusing us on providing you with a turnkey estate agency service tailored to your unique requirements. Ensuring you get the best possible service whether you choose our Gold full star service , Silver – or Bronze Diy service.

“Isn’t it Nice to be back in control?”

We also treat each home as though it is our own. We realise a move requires change and we assist you all the way through your transition. Whether to move to another suburb, a retirement village or even overseas, we will coordinate your new purchase options and get you settled again. Without all the pain that goes with it.

Similarly, we also believe in doing real estate at the speed of Life. Whatever your timescales we will match your pace and provide the support you need when you need it .

So whether you’re thinking of buying or selling you will want to get the best deal in town. We will provide you with the necessary know how, support and information from the very beginning.

For example will show you “How to get the best price for your home”

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So before you speak to the rest speak to the best. We guarantee to combine the best traditional real estate practices with the best modern technology has to offer. To ensure you are our NO1 priority! Whether you’re a first home buyer, an investor our services will help step you through the world of real estate at hispeed.

We also offer:

Legal Services

Our legal team can provide fast, efficient property transfer services.

Property Financing

HiSpeed Properties can assist you in determining the property price range you are able to purchase with finance and assist in providing a suitable mortgage bond.

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