Quiz: What Kind Of Homeowner Are You?

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Quiz: What Kind of Toronto Condo owner Are You?

If you had to put your Condo on the market tomorrow, how ready would it be for showing? Whether you’re preparing to sell or happily staying put, it’s important to keep in mind what you’ll need to do when the time comes:

1) After dinner do you? :

a. Leave everything on the table and return later to clean up. You’ve got better things to do!
b. Take dishes off the table and put away leftovers. The dishes you piled in the sink can wait until your favourite TV programme is over.
c. Clean the table, put leftovers in the fridge and wash the dishes. You want to be free to enjoy your evening.

2) Your Condo office has a desk that is:

a. Covered with papers and random objects. You can never seem to find important documents when you need them.
b. Somewhat organized with enough free space to do work. It may look slightly messy, but you know exactly where everything is.
c. Extremely clean and organized. Librarians would admire the efficiency of your filing system.

3) In your Toronto Condo you have:

a. An indoor pet who seems to shed non-stop and a smoker who often smokes indoors.
b. One of the above.
c. None of the above.

4) How do you accessorize your Condo?

a. With mementos, souvenirs and family photos. You like being surrounded by lots of memories.
b. With eclectic artefacts and antique items. Your style is uniquely you.
c. With few decorative or personal items. Less is definitely more.

5) Which best describes your Loft?

a. You haven’t had the time to decorate or organize. In fact, you’re using the guestroom for storage.
b. The main areas are decorated, furnished and organized, but you haven’t had the chance to do the same in the basement or guestroom yet.
c. Each room is properly furnished and decorated. You are currently planning your next renovation.

Mostly As

Your Loft may need a deep cleaning and de-cluttering to prepare it for sale. Pack unnecessary items away, making sure counters and tables are free of appliances and personal items. If pets or smokers reside in your Condo, have the carpets, draperies and upholstery professionally cleaned to rid the house of undesirable odours.

Mostly Bs

There are a few easy steps you can take to make your Condo more appealing. Clean your home from top to bottom, paying special attention to kitchens and bathrooms. Organize closets and storage areas. Brighten and lighten your Loft with a fresh coat of neutral coloured paint and fix any minor repairs that you’ve been neglecting.

Mostly Cs

Your Condo is in top shape and will only benefit from a little added flair to bring in that sale. Place fresh flowers on the mantle and set the dining room table for a formal dinner. If it’s a cool day, light a fire in the fireplace. Look at your home through the buyers’ eyes and create an atmosphere that will help them envision themselves living there.

Before any work begins, walk through your Condo with the objective eyes of a prospective buyer. Making the right impression is critical. It will help you sell your Toronto Loft more quickly and at a better price.

Secured Residential Apartments In Rome

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Experience the spirit of the City of Rome

Rome is a location to visit from your itinerary. It may no longer be caput mundi (capital of the world), but Rome is an epic. It has a wonderful monuments with its amazing metropolis that harbors tales of lost empires. Once you visit Rome, you’ll get hooked.

Moreover, people in Rome encapsulate the spirit of the city. Pass a central cafe and the tables outside and you will be fascinated with the people, downing fast shots of espresso and sporting big black sunglasses. They are neither posing nor hung over. Churches fill during Mass, and the priests, dressed up in purple, cream or red-colored silk (right down to their socks), read the rites to a hushed congregation (mostly from out of town).

Here, the place exploits one’s aesthetic capabilities in observingthe incredible urban scenery of Rome, a city where you feel cool just strolling through the streets, catching the sunlight on your face outside a cafe, or eating a long lunch or meal. Its a place that almost encourages you to start out easy.

So if you are going to Rome for a short-term study grant and needs a place to stay or an apartment to rent and stay? Or are you going to Rome for a week’s conference or a short-term contract work and need to rent a property? Or you might be one of those who have decided to move to Rome for awhile and needs to rent an apartment?

Well, you need not worry. Luxury Apartment In Rome SQR, a full service housing rental agency is here to assist and provide you with your lodging needs. This housing rental agency specializes in unique and affordable properties in prestigious neighborhoods of Rome. You have the option whether to reside or stay in a bohemian area of Trastevere or the coveted alleys of the historic center. Housing rentals here in Rome are comfortable, decorated, roomy and mostly have the amenities that you usually look for. Rome Long Term Apartment Rentals can perfectly find a location for you.

Rome Luxury Apartment, is an American-owned and operated business that offers a combination of sound business practices with the classic elegance of Italian lifestyle. Whether you come to Rome for a year’s assignment, a semester of artwork classes, a week’s conference, or month’s stay for a vacation, Roma SPQR will assist you to do a simple and easy search for ” a home away from home” . We work within your budget and timeline as well as represent properties with the amenities one would usually look for. We are right here to greet you and check you in. We are merely a phone call away during your stay.

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